Classic and specialist vehicles require specialist attention

Mechanical & Servicing

For many owners classic and vintage cars are their passion, keeping these vehicles in top condition and ensuing their longevity requires quality maintenance, both proactive and reactive.

A computer and diagnostics software have little use on more mature vehicles; intimate mechanical knowledge, experience and a keen eye is absolutely critical to ensure issues can be diagnosed, resolved or prevented.  

Encompassing services covering engine and drivetrain, subassembly and electrical our technicians and trusted partners can resolve and prevent issues.

  • Annual/pre trip servicing 
  • Electrical repairs and improvements 
  • Subassembly and drivetrain repairs or upgrades 
  • Full recommissioning  
  • Unleaded conversions 
  • Race/track preparation/historic event preparation
(This list is not exhaustive, please contact us to discuss your requirements).

“…We are absolutely delighted with the outcome. We now have a practical classic car that will serve us for many years.”

Mr. I. Tallentire