Projects are intricately photographically documented


We believe in intricately and fastidiously photographically documenting each and every project that we work upon. This allows you, the client, to remain fully informed of each and every aspect of work we have undertaken on your vehicle, especially if you’re unable to visit our facility on a regular basis. Fully documented and photographed repairs or restorations add to a vehicle’s history and can also add to a vehicle’s value upon sale.
Depending on the nature of task, a client’s final vehicle gallery may have anything from a few hundred to tens of thousands of images and videos.
Below is a sample of our recent projects.  Each gallery represents just a small selection of the images from each vehicle’s catalogue. 

BMW 328

Ferrari 250 GTE

Chevrolet Corvette C3

Bentley Continental GT

Porsche 356

"Skilled craftsmen in every aspect of restoration, the quality of their work is a testament in itself."

Mr. N. Procter